About Chakaura™

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We welcome you to the 

Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL

SOUL (System of Universal Love)

 We are a natural wellness clinic & educational centre known as pioneering leaders in our field of Naturopathic Energy Services and Education.


What separates us from other schools and teachers in this field?

Michèle is one of a very few teachers worldwide offering the rare structures behind all the popular concepts being written and talked about today. These structures are the foundations that govern all life forms and experiences.

Another Chakaura unique signature is we offer consultations, services & programs in French and in English.



   Some of the services we offer:

    Seminars, Workshops & Retreats throughout the year.

   Introductory & Advanced Self-Development Courses         

  Professional training as: 
     *Chakaura Facilitator 



Our Location
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Chakaura™ is centrally located for everyone's convenience one hour from Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall and St-Sauveur. We operate from a  newly renovated 8000 square foot locale in Hawkesbury, Ontario.


Chakaura™ itself was founded in 2007 by Michèle C. St.Amour, a certified N,D in Quebec and a certified Chakaura™ Naturopathic-Energy Practitioner© & Educator.



Our Chakaura™ Mountain Retreat

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Chakaura™ also has a beautiful mountain location used for outside activities related to Earth & Spirit Whispering activities and for sharing the many teachings Michèle offers in her seminars, retreats and courses.

“At the Chakaura Institute’s Centre, our approach encompasses the idea that the whole person, body, mind, soul and spirit must be balanced for health and happiness to be fully embraced,”  say’s Michèle.


Chakaura™ Philosophy

Goal: Become more conscious of your experience   

Ckakaura™ recognizes that we are both human and spiritual beings. The ultimate goal to be empowered is by balancing and becoming aware of both your human self and your spiritual self. This can only be done once you move beyond the concept of ideas and are taught the structures governing these ideas and states of being that so few are aware of. 

This transformation happens when heaven and earth meet in you.  ​Michèle's educational programs and Chakaura's therapeutic approach supports you  on this inner journey of becoming aware of the physical & subtle energies working behind the scenes in your every day life experience.


Chakaura's Mission Statement 


"To Ground the World!"

To offer opportunities to you as an individual to align yourself with your soul purpose.

To provide an exceptional and distinctive education in the field of energy and naturopathic studies.
To encourage you to ground a natural approach to health.
To introduce safe & complete protocols, learn the structure of concepts and learn methods of subtle energy health.


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Life is all about being happy and fulfilled!


Only when this is achieved can you even hope to fulfill your life purpose!


Join Chakaura™ & Michèle on a

Journey of Self-Discovery!