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Michele St Amour 05 standing white outfitMichèle C. St.Amour  Founder & Director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul, Author, Lecturer, Naturopath, Chakaura™ Practitioner and Educator.

Michèle has an eclectic background in both her personal and her professional life. Her personal journey steered her in the direction of discovering ancient teachings which she has been able to assimilate and share with others.

Her unique family background led her to explore and master the subtle energies of her energy body, of the higher mind and her subtle senses. Her natural affinity with the elements, a legacy from her Aboriginal roots, opened up new dimensions of reality. Michèle identified a need in individuals for support and guidance, so that they could understand and master their inner world (i.e., emotions, dreams, feelings, visions, thoughts, healing energies, etc.) and reconnect with nature. This realization prompted Michèle to develop the Chakaura Institute and its signature programs.

book cover finalMichèle’s book, Chakaura: Awakening the Muse, provides an inside view into the deep soul and the personality of the author. Woven into the story are moments of awakening common to all who embark on a “journey

of self-discovery.”

Michèle offers various programs, workshops, consultations, wellness sessions, and retreats throughout the year, based on the topics she teaches and writes about. The teachings she shares are experiential in nature, and

the programs offer you ample opportunity to put into practice the principles and techniques that she presents.


"Nothing heals us or makes us happy and joyful except the innate soul life force that flows through all life forms. All interventions for health and happiness simply must support and help increase this soul force that our body and our spirit tap into, to heal and to maintain our health. I believe that any intervention must solely concentrate on increasing this primal force, which is at our “Chakaura Soulcore.”  —Michèle


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Michèle has conducted hundreds of private consultations and therapy sessions in the past 16 years. Her innate ability to understand the lesser-known dimensions of the soul allows her to support  you on your journey of 'remembering', if you are willing to embrace change!

Check out the schedule of upcoming programs, events & retreats and information about how to invite Michèle for an event in your area. 
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Go to www.michelestamour.com for more information about her projects.


Who is Michèle? Here are a few roles she plays.


A  Lecturer 
Michèle speaks of spirituality and self-growth and practices in a grounded and scientific way that is for everyone, no matter where on the ladder of awareness and success you may find yourself.

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As an author, she is known for her health & awareness column in past of 'Living Healthy & Naturally'.   Her first book is  Chakaura: Awakening the Muse.
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mich beach gazingAn Initiator 

 Michèle has the gift of awakening the power of the unconscious mind. Her programs help people understand the purpose of life and she teaches how to achieve that. She guides you in how to turn your dreams into reality by first introducing to you new concepts of how to see life and then with tools to make those changes you want.

"I welcome anyone who wishes to discover the lost art of 'Transformation.'        ~ Michèle


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An Earth Whisperer & Medicine Woman

Those that have come to know Michele and her ways intimately have dubbed her as a Earth Whisperer.  The natural  gift Michèle has been given as a Earth Whisperer is as deep and as complex as Mother Earth. But above all, her gift of hearing Mothers Earth's messages includes her dedication to teaching and speaking for Mother Earth.  Michèle speaks to us while the earths whispers her messages.

 Through her retreat opportunites in specially chosen locations to support Earth Whispering activities, she brings you on a journey of sensing and communing with the various medicines of earth such as plant & animal medicines,  being the wisest and oldest teachers,  the Elements and their role in earth whispering and communication. 

She offers Earth Whispering Walkabouts that allow you a hands on experience of earth whispering. She speaks the language of her Aboriginal & Celtic Ancestors and shares as well as guides those ready to remember.

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