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The Science of Transformation

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Whether you enroll in the Michèle’s programs for personal transformation and self-healing, or to become a professional in Naturopathic Energy modalities, or to integrate healing modalities into your current profession, the Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers you programs that can empower your life.


*Are you already familiar with or wish to know more about the world of subtle energy?

*Are you looking for the next step into self-realization, higher energies and mastering your life experiences?

* Are you looking to understand & master your subtle senses, your inner world at a higher level?


Then Chakaura™ has what you need!



 Chakaura offers programs for everyone


Chakaura offers clinical services and trainings to allow you to understand:

      *Why you feel the way you do during certain times in your life.

      *What may be the underlying causes of any symptoms of unhappiness, illness or disastisfcation with life.

      * What you see, feel & intuit around you, as well techniques as how to experience and manage it in a whole    new energy.

      *The spiritual issues that may be playing out in your life and more...

If you are new to the path of self-discovery and the world of subtle energies (those super senses people are talking about), we welcome you to Chakaura to discover this inner world that delves inside you as your thoughts, your dreams, your emotions, your ideas about things and your belief systems.

This journey we offer you through our Chakaura services, therapies and educational programs will positively empower you in ways you cannot imagine.

If you have been trained and are practicing other forms of subtle energy medicine we will bring you to the next level; we guarantee it!

We have an advanced healers program waiting for you. Please feel free to contact us.