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Bring about a deeper sense of well being with 

ChakauraNaturopathic Energy Support!


 At Chakaura™, we offer support  to help you understand the root of your problems, define your goals and overcome these issues that cause you heartache and block you from health, happiness and achieving your full potential. The Chakaura™ Institute implements subtle energy practices we call 'protocols' that guarantee you a safe and comfortable environment in which you can freely discuss, explore and release those feelings and ideas that stop you from being happy and healthy.

We support you in discovering through your own insights the root cause of your problems. If you are lost and struggling to find meaning to your life or trying to let go of negative unhealthy behaviour patterns that are blocking you from experiencing real happiness, then Chakaura is the place to be. WE provide personalized guidance that will support you in shifting you to where you want to be.

Our consultations are also offered distance by phone or Skype (Zoom). 

Through consultation with our experts, we will tailor a program specific to your personal needs so you will reach your full potential as we support your journey to wellness.

We support your personal needs with:

 Your time with us begins with a consultation to determine what is best for you. From this we may suggest any of the following:

  • Energy therapies & techniques to help you manage your stress levels.

  • Proper nutrition  based on proven facts and education

  • Nervous system support: Did you know that all health issues from anxiety, stress, depression to severe physical disease all begins in the nervous system? 

  • Relaxation techniques & natural exercises 

  • Empowering Education through our Self Development Programs

  • And more....


You need to know the difference!   Our services are founded on the Chakaura™ Naturopathic Energetics® which are modalities that emphasize disease as a process rather than as an entity (which is the way traditional medicine sees ill health). At Chakaura™,  our naturopathic and Energy treatments are chosen based on the individual person – their physiological, structural, social, spiritual, environmental and lifestyle factors.



   A session with Michèle's Michele St Amour black outfit chair 02

   1. Intuitive consult with Michèle (1 hour) $150.00+

   2. Intuitive consult + therapy with Michèle (1.5 hour) $250.00+

   3. Distance support same as above.



Chakaura™ Therapies  



~ A restructuring of the Chakaura™ Structure housing the energy body ( 2 hour session)

This includes a 30 minute consultation, the therapy itself ( 1 hour), email support during intergration period of the following 4-6 weeks and an optional 30 minutes follow-up session. Begins at $295.00 (includes follow-up session and support)

gold skeletal structure

There is a Chakaura™ structure, which Ancient traditions refer to  as the House of Soul. You can only be vibrantly healthy if this structure is aligned with your physical, emotional and mental body to be of sound body and mind. This chakaura structure is the foundation of your ideas about life and determines the healthy flow of your vital life force pathways.

A Chakaura™ Structural Balancing® will often release old patterns of thinking that no longer serve you, return a natural flow of energy to your body that may have been affected by an accident, a traumatic experience, an illness and more. It can be likened to a serious operation with an unlimted potential to free you from karmic issues right up to the supraconscious self (deemed impossible in most practices). It is unique and the only one of its kind due to the lenghty and devoted training needed to be able to perform this therapy. A training we offer here at Chakaura.

The health of this Chakaura™ Structure is the foundation of success, the font of the touted Holy Grail or Philosopher stone and the root of success in all your endeavours whether they be achieving a physical goal such as health, healing or performance IN A SPORT, AS WELL AS HEALTH OF SPIRIT MEANING LIVING FULLY YOUR PURPOSE OF LIFE. 


True Health can only begin with an aligned Chakaura™ Structure!



*Chakaura™ Harmonisation™ including 30 minute consultation

(1 hour)Begins at: $180.00

5 elements

This unique therapy re-aligns and balances all the elements in your body bringing harmony and a gentle recalibration of all life support systems.  If you feel something is 'out of whack', then this gentle therapy might just be what you need to support your return to wellness. This is also very effective for women that suffer from morning sickness or wish to encourage the natural birthing process.

Chakaura Clearing including a 30 minute consultation ( 1 hour)

A Chakaura clearing therapy will last 1 hour or so.  This revitalizes and clears away old stagnant energy patterns that cause stress in your body, your energy and your health. A proffessional Chakaura practitioner will assess your situation and from that will suggest what Chakaura clearing therapy best suited to your needs. Begins at $150.00



h polarity

Chakaura Polarity Therapy

including a 15 minute consultation ( 1 hour) Begins at $150.00 or 4 prepaid sessions for $500.00

Polarity therapy is about re-aligning and re-balancing the elements in your body to bring balance to all your life expressions.

  • Are you often over heated? overly sweating, having hot flashes, or too cold with poor circulation? Are you not able to sit still or simply have a difficult time in implementing changes in your life that would be beneficial to your overal health and life situation? Then this is an indication that the FIRE element is not balanced properly balanced in your body.
  • Are you overly emotional and finding yourself always reacting to thigs in an exaggerated way? Too sensitive? Then maybe you have too much water element in your system.
  • Are you prone to racing thoughts and feeling light headed? then this therapy would balance your air element or ether element to ground you and bring a feeling of being grounded and n control back to your life.

At Chakaura, we are trained on ways to re-balance the elements as needed for your ultimate well being.


Chakaura Aromacrystal Massage Therapies


( 1  hour)

Chakaura combines naturopthic therapies such as gemstone therapy, essential oil therapy and energy combined with basic massage techniques as a very effective stress releasing way of managing our hectic schedules.

Option 1 Basic Aromatherapy massage ( 40 min. ) $85.00

Option 2 Full consult with personalized essential oils + take home kit.   (2 hours) $185.00


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 Our Fees vary depending on the services offered and may change without notice at any time. Please inquire.