Self-Development Programs


The Journey of Transformation always starts with the individual!


 Become Empowered; Liberated & Dare to Change!


Whether you enroll in the Michèle’s programs for personal transformation and self-healing, or to become a professional in Naturopathic Energy modalities, or to integrate healing modalities into your current profession, the Chakaura Institute of SOUL offers you programs that can empower your life.


*Are you already familiar with the world of subtle energy?

*Are you looking for the next step into self-realization and higher energies?

* Are you looking to understand & master your subtle senses at a higher level?


Then Chakaura™ has what you need!



 Chakaura™ is becoming recognized as offering,


One of the most Advanced Self-Development programs in the world!

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”



Discover the Impact & Transform your Life

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In the course of our lifetimes we encounter opportunities that can drastically

change us for the better, forever.

 The Chakaura experience is one of those opportunities!



 Begin your training with our    Journey of Self-Discovery Program

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