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A journey of self discovery


A 'Journey of


Program by Chakaura™!

(copyright 2002 michele St.Amour)


Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the self is enlightenment.” —Tao Te Ching



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    A Journey of Self-Discovery

   Modules 1 to 8

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ONLINE LIVE 'A Journey of Self-Discovery' COURSE

Begins Thursday July 13th, 2017 Time 12 noon to 1h00

Register now! Seats are limited.

You will need: a computer with internet access, a private room where you will not be disturbed and the ability to stand up and practice techniques that will be demonstrated throuhgout the course series. This courses asks you to commit to approximately 30-45 minutes of assignments ( practicing techniques and some reading) a day.




  It will then be offered at the Chakaura™ Institute In House

Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 9h30 - 11h30 ( Modules 1 & 2)

Each session is from: 9h30 -11h30 (materials and refreshments included)

 Module 3 & 4: September 30    

Module 5 & 6: October 7     

Module 7 & 8 : October 14   





NEW!   Michèle and her team will come to you!

A 'Journey of Self-Discovery Program' is now offered to groups of 50+ in your area.


Hosting Opportunity

If you feel you can organize a group of 50+ awakening souls to register for this course then contact us and we will bring our team to you.

Some restrictions may be required due to geographical location.  Please contact us for details.


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A word by Michèle on the unique proprietary Self-Discovery programs she has developed. 

    "The programs I have structured are first and foremost about awakening a higher awareness of what is going on behind the scenes in your life ( some describe as the inner world) and of the energies that play a role in creating your experiences. All this and more is responsible for your health and happiness, including your fate & your destiny. Our techniques develop what I call ‘energy muscles’, as well as another way of seeing and approaching life. The courses we offer teach you a new language- meaning a new awareness - that I guarantee will change you forever."


Be introduced  to an inner world few have explored!

An inner science well blended with the spiritual needs of today's society! Ancient knowledge in a modern day view grounded in a unique way.  I guarantee that this course will change you in positive ways you could never imagine!




Course Description

Please note: This course is a pre-requisite for The Chakaura Intensive Program of mastering your subtle energy field we call NEP.


8 Chakaura fundamental steps  that found & empower the secret to health,happiness & success.

A new language that supports the process and understand the teachings and the techniques in these programs.

Step 1 ~ Introduction to Subtle Energy & the Body, Mind & Soul Connection  Study all about subtle energy and the secret to developing your intuition and fulfilling your destiny. You are a battery; learn why and how to stay charged.

Step 2 ~ Grounding & Earthing for Today’s Modern Lifestyle. The Love Energy as an unlimited Source of Energy.  Discover a place inside of you that can connect you to your source. Learn how to increase at will your source of life force.

 Step 3 ~Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Heart, Good life 

  • Do you suffer from racing or scattered thoughts? Do you think of a thousands words a minute?
  • Do you have a hard time shutting down or relaxing? We look at the symptoms surrounding the above, the health issues that are generated from this and techniques as well as ways to bring this wild racing horse under control.  

  Step 4 ~Self-Discipline, Willpower

  • Are you often finding yourself procrastinating and putting off some tasks or a change?
  • Do you lack motivation to make change or move forward in certain areas of your life?

The drive to success & succeed. The basics founding your ability to manifest all that you wish such as health, energy, career, education, self mastery, and more.

 Step 5 ~ The Power of your Words and Your Thoughts.  Experience the power of your words and how even the words you use in your thought have an effect. 


Step 6 ~Empathy, & Your Sensory Field

  • Are you often overwhelmed by your feelings or the feelings of others?
  • Are you overly sensitive to energies, places, or people?
  • Are you feeling drained by toxic people and toxic environments?
  • Do you suffer from fibromyalgia or aches and pains that are unexplainable?

This segment will look at the faces of empathy and give you tools to manage your empathic nature.


Step 7~ Are You a Victim, a Martyr, a Saboteur or a Wounded Healer?  We will explore the mind games we play with ourselves when change comes knocking at our door. The subtleties of our reactions to letting go of ideas and ways of doing things that no longer serves us. You will learn hands on techniques that will enable you to neutralize these inner facets of your way of thinking.


Step 8 ~The Cords and  Ideas About Life That Bind Us! 

  • Are you experiencing an alliance or a relationship thta feels binding in a negative way? Some relationships begin as positive exchanges then turn bad and become constrictive and binding, draining you of energy. Learn how to manage this without confrontation.

Come and understand the science behind these life experiences, and how they are but stuck in the way you think.

Learn techniques in how to neutralize the ideas you have that no longer serve yur highest good so they no longer affect you negatively.


michele"I created "A Course In Self-Discovery" which is inherently a Self Development Program at the demand from my many students wanting to begin benefiting from the many amazing self empowering tools and techniques I introduce in the intensive Initiate training programs of Chakaura NEP.

After much thought, A Course in Self-Discovery program was launched and has become an overnight success.

People are reporting of experiencing life empowering changes that they never thought were possible and all created by the simple techniques and basic natural laws of transformation introduced as well as practiced within the program." ~ Michèle


Our classes are bilingual!

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