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logo chakaura vector NEP Begins weekend of October 21, 2017

Chakaura's NEP / Mastering the Energy Body Program

& Chakaura™ Structural-Balancing® Practitioner Training all in one.

NEP: Naturopathic Energy Program ~ ANN (QC) Accredited program (550 hours)


We are currently accepting applications. Space is limited.    

Courses programs runs from October 2017 to May 2018 , every second weekend.

 Pre-requisite: A Course in Self-Discovery Introductory


(Admission details below) This is a one year+  training program option.




An Advanced Self-Development Program offering career opportunities...

Experiential course tailored to the students' needs based on Ancient Teachings of the "Royal Way"

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In this program,  gradually a conscious relationship with your inner world evolves.

A student's personal daily life becomes positively transformed and empowered as a biproduct of this program.


The focus for Chakaura NEP™  Program

  • Understanding and mastering the inner world of subtle energy, and its relationship to and effect on the outer physical world.
  • Learning how to recognize various types of energies, the purpose of these energies, and how to master these energies to achieve your personal goals and your daily energy needs.
  • Through daily practice and guided spiritual techniques, students gain insight and understanding of themselves and of others, a knowing into their own nature so they can begin to build in desired qualities all the while transforming past traumatic events into personal experiential wisdom.

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Some of the Training Content (please inquire for complete curriculum)

  • Decoding and understanding your perceptions and developing your more subtle sensory capacities.
  • Recognition, reception and management of the various types of energies governing vitality and general health.
  • Meditation and stress relieving techniques for yourself and others.
  • Understanding the science of transformation and techniques to support its development.
  • An in-depth study of the 5 body elements of life for health and self-realisation.
  • Application of various modules, techniques and practices to reinstate balance and support healthy lifestyles.
  • Codes of ethics, and the protocols surrounding behaviors, therapy & Naturotherapy. (Unique to  the Chakaura Programs)
  • Spirituality as a science; support systems and interviewing techniques.
  • Energy bindings, cords or limitations such as mental programming’s. How they are created, how they affect you and how to manage them.
  • An  in-debt study of the energetic anatomy and functions of the physical body including the chakras and the anatomy of the Soul.  How they are related and function together as one unit and how this relates to health and happiness.
  • Therapeutic application of many techniques as well as safe and proper therapeutic settings and procedures..
  • Training in numerous therapies as well as natural tools to support health. Example: polarity therapy, reflexology, accupressure, kineseology, Emotional release techniques, Mind programming release techniques, gemstone therapy, herbology, homeopathy, aromatherapy, Chakaura energy therapy, Chakaura Balancing therapy, how to balance allopathic and holistic medicine and more.


Our programs teach you ways to  support deeper fulfilling relationships with your-self and with others.  Increase your awareness and connection to the subtle energies operating in your life,so you may consciously work with them in an empowering way, on a daily basis.



 Begins weekend of October 21 & 22, 2017

A Bi-monthly weekend course allowing for those that work to still take advantage of this amazing self-growth opportunity.

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* Weekend sessions, approximately every other weekend ( 2 full weekends a month)

Hours:  9am - 4pm  (classes occasionally end a little later)

 Accredited: *550 hours per year accredited course (ANN ~  QC Association of National Naturopaths)  PN. Out of Quebec province students, some restrictions may apply so please inquire before registering to the ANN.

 *Saturday evening lodging is available but limited, please inquire.

The Program is held at: Chakaura Institute of Soul, Clinic & Educational Centre

250 Main St. E, Suite 102 (lower level)    Hawkesbury, ON         K6A 1A5


Program cost: $5,400.00 (We reserve the right to adjust this accordingly without notice. Please inquire upon registration) We offer proven income restricted individuals payment plans and student exchange programs. Please inquire.


Registration  Your application must be sent in writing before the course or training begins. All courses have a restricted number of participants. Students are not guaranteed a spot in the class until they receive written confirmation from the Chakaura Institute in charge of this program.

Prior to being accepted the teacher will consult with you to determine if this training meets your expectations and capacities. A completed health questionnaire, legal forms of liability and confidentiality must accompany your registration and accepance into the Chakaura programs. Students can inquire by email or phone; please contact us for further details.

Tuition and Fee Payment   Tuition and registration fees are payable by cash, cheque, or e-transfer. Registration fee is due at registration 9must be attached to your application form or received with application). Deposits and registration fees are not refundable. Taxes are not included in prices. 

We offer payment plans for income challenged students.


Recommendations. Have your Chakaura structure evaluated and, if recommended by the Chakaura practitioner,receive a Chakaura Structural Balancing™ before the training begins. 

Do not subscribe to other intensive trainings programs simultaneously.

This program requires a unwavering commitment - You must attend all sessions

Expectations of students include a commitment of 60 minutes a day for assignments and practice of some techniques you will be taught. 

*We encourage you to inquire for details and yearly curriculum breakdown. ​



More information on this life empowering program

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Who should attend?  This training is for all who aspire to a deeper inner knowledge of themselves and a deeper understanding of the energy dimensions playing out in their life. The  Chakaura approach ensures the development or further development of subtle abilities and helps everyone achieve personal success through practicing the empowering techniques taught in this program.

Mastering of the Energy System   Traditionally, the school’s teachings help the student gain understanding, deepen their wisdom, and strengthen inner guidance. The training we offer helps in enhancing spiritual direction towards a more purposeful life and self-realization.

Who takes our NEP programs?  Our students have backgrounds in many professions; some are currently practicing members of the healthcare community and work as medical doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists, psychotherapists, and nutritionists. Some already have experience with the subtle energies and are certified in energy modalities such as Reiki, IET, Therapeutic Touch, Shamanic work, Osteopaths, life coaches, etc.

Others are artists, writers, teachers, accountants, attorneys, business consultants and owners, and computer technicians, as well as numerous other professions, including at-home parents. Each group has found that our programs have added, expanded and richly enhanced what they know and do.

 We are a Bilingual Educational Institute  Chakaura provide course material, programs, services and commentary in English and in French.

Our programs are mainly bilingual.  We ask students to be flexible in accepting this unique flavor of teaching in the classes.

 Career Opportunities  AS a graduate you can work as a consultant from home, in private practice or in a health center. You can conduct seminars (or public broadcasts) in schools or associations, write articles, and manage a health center or a store, etc.




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